Auto Leaders Exchange


How does Auto Leaders help professionals in the auto industry out perform the competition? By providing exclusive access to other top leaders for idea exchange, new and upcoming projects and true introductions and referrals at the highest level.

Peer-to-peer learning environment to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities in their markets. A.L.E Members share seasoned advice and fresh ideas to reach effective solutions, as well as exchange new relationships, referral introductions to other respective executive members.

How does it work? The auto leaders exchange is an invitation only organization. You will need to fill out an application which will reviewed by the Founders and peer group. Once and if accepted, there are specific responsibilities that will be expected of you and agreed upon. Members will be taught exactly how to best get and give to make this group a strong working cohesive exchange.

Group Meetings – These virtual meetings take place monthly exclusively for group members to build their skills and share their issues to get feedback from other leaders.


* A true understanding and ability to give and receive referrals in addition to strategic introductions from highly regarded peers.

* Access to an online member area within the Fifth Gear Sales website with best practices library, bios and Top 5 Lists of other members.

* Monthly online problem-solving business development challenges with a peer team of professionals, facilitated by a seasoned business champion.

* An opportunity to exchange ideas and issues with a peer group in the automotive industry.

* Member pricing for upcoming conferences with immediate acceptance (as long as member is in good standing).

* Referrals and introductions – Referrals are the life blood of any successful business development professional. To have another trusted advisor in the auto industry introduce you specifically to someone you would like to meet is one of the biggest advantages of the Auto Leaders Exchange.

* Fresh new ideas – Discover ways to attract new business and add value to current clients.

* Connect with executive peers from a range of noncompetitive businesses and backgrounds in your program for referrals, challenging discussions, “what-if” scenarios and outside-the-box thinking.


How it works

1) Must have gone through Fifth Gear Sales workshop, “Selling to the Dealer”.See tab for more information.

2) Apply for membership which is reviewed by A.L.E. founders and peers.

3) Set up your member page to include your Bio, Top 5 and a best practice to share with the group.

4) The ability to post question to others….

5) Be present and a participant in the monthly 90 minute call with group peers

6) Meeting Agenda

– Give your success stories/challenges (30 days)

– Share and remind of your top 5 and why

– Listen to others and see how you can help them

– Action steps for after the meeting

– Once in (at most a 6 month) period, be prepared to give a synopsis of your business

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