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Reach the Dealer Workshop

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This intense two-day workshop teaches a 16 hour course using real life scenarios in the auto industry to give attendees a proven systematic approach to increase multi­‐million dollar sale. Understand Dealer Psychology and learn how to uncover why they will want to meet with you.

A Brain Trust of an elite group of NADA vendors who understand strategic partnering with other leading allies to leverage the dealer relationships, OEM’s as well as other Decision Makers they have and gain the trust of those who have relationships with principals they wish to meet.

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Who Should **Apply

* Vendors at NADA who want to turn their new connections into real business

* A Talented Rainmaker who has worked with some of the top 100 dealers 

but wants to reach them all

* A Sales Professional who is already highly skilled and wants to go from GOOD to GREAT!


What you will learn?

* A systematic approach to “Reach the Unreachable

* Close more of the proposals you send

* How to truly Forecast if and when your sale will close


** Why an application process?

This workshop is NOT for someone struggling in day to day selling. This is for the sales professional that is already successful that want the competitive edge, to take on the big sale and close it!

It is a Brain Trust of leaders in the auto industry strategically aligned for generating revenue!


How much will it cost?

Tuition price $3600.00