click-to-applyFifth Gear Sales Seminar – Northwood/Keiser University
West Palm Beach Campus
January 28th and 29th, 2016


Fifth Gear Sales Process – Selling to Dealer Principals and CEO’s of Automotive Groups Curriculum


Running Diagnostics on your present sales system – Addressing challenges from the group


This module will cover an overview of the Fifth Gear Sales Process “Selling as A Consultant to the Dealer,” reviewing individual challenges and addressing each one properly, utilizing a systematic approach to the business conversation.  A process consists of things like getting past the gatekeeper, turning introductions into appointments, consistently getting to the “real issue,” and having a clear next step with your prospect(s).


1st Gear – Prospecting

In this section, You will perfect a process for maintaining a consistent flow of new business appointments and discovering how to build relationships with the Dealer Principals…early enough to be aware of projects still in the  “planning” stages and .  You will learn how to identify where to network, how to get appointments from each function i.e. NADA, Automotive Awards dinners, etc., how to build strategic alliances,  and how to effectively build your business through referrals by getting  involved in the Automotive industry.


Automotive News: How to utilize the number one trade magazine to increase sales.  Understanding each section you will learn how to be in the center of the industry and become the “go to” resource for all your prospects, strategic parters, and increase your value to existing clients.


2nd Gear – Engagement

Here, you will discover how to establish a “partnership” relationship, not a “salesperson” relationship with your prospects before your appointment.   We will help you understand how to begin your evaluation process by determining if a person is indeed a ‘prospect’ or a ‘suspect’ early on.  Determine how to set certain expectations and identify specific needs to better prepare for upcoming presentations.  Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition, eliminate sales resistance, and set the stage for a more consultative relationship.

Networking Event


3rd Gear – The Interview with the Dealer Principal, Automotive Group, or Decision Maker

Learn how to set expectations for each meeting to keep you in control of the conversation, including length, agenda, and the outcome of the appointment.  In the interview sections, you will learn how to ask the right questions and improve your listening skills to discover what your prospect is truly looking for in a “partner.”  Learn how to ask in-depth questions to uncover the real needs of potential clients by understanding the true “hot buttons” and why your prospects should choose you over your competition.  You will learn how to develop and ask the right questions to uncover what the real issues are in order to customize your presentation.


4th Gear – Investment, Decision Process, and Follow Up

Discover how to determine the client’s budget early in the process by understanding how to sell on value, not on price, and eliminate discounting and “free consulting.”  Uncover who will be involved in making the final decision and the necessary steps to ultimately getting to that point by understanding how the involved people make decisions.  Ensure that you present appropriate and customized proposals by always having a complete awareness of what the customer is willing to spend.


Learn how to summarize the interview in writing to ensure that you and your prospect are both on the same page and that you understand what really matters to them.  Additionally, confirm what the clear next steps are that you both agreed upon.


5th Gear – Recommendation –  formally referred to as a proposal or bid

In this module, you will learn how to properly summarize the information gathered, and review and “match” your prospect’s specific concerns (hot buttons) with customized solutions.  We will begin to discuss the actual presentation in this module.


Meet the Dealers

Hear from 3 successful Dealer Principals who value the Fifth Gear Sales Approach and have the opportunity to Network with them utilizing the process.


Strategic Roundtables

We will facilitate strategic roundtable groups for the conclusion of the 2-day seminar. You will be strategically placed in a group of 10 where you will have the opportunity to share with the group in 10 minutes who you are specifically looking to be introduced to and a client success story. The goal is to help you leave with a roadmap of how to generate leads through utilizing a specific process and the tools to close my sales given all the connections you made at NADA, through Automotive News and other sales activities you have invested in.

Tuition price $3600.00